Karolina Bergman

A design enthusiast

UX/UI Design

Two UX/UI projects set out to improve the customer journeys of a Virtual Assistant and a Gym App. Wireframes and prototypes using Sketch and Invision.

Illustrations and prints

Over the years, I’ve come to love patterns and prints more and more. When I was working as the Art Director for the business students association at university, I made it my mission to make patterns into the everyday lives. I put it on the front page of our paper Drömmen, into Facebook headers & posters for our social events. I’ve also started a tradition to make a calendar for family members as a Christmas presents, just to have an excuse to make more patterns.


Since the analogue photography class in secondary, I was hooked. I love the power a photography can have, trying to capture a live target whilst still having a clean layout.

I have freelanced with mostly portraits, both personal and professional, but I’ve also have had my pictures of the Gothic Quarters in Barcelona on a travel blog.

All and all, just an old hobby of mine, have a look!